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Mi Teintes Tex Pastel Card 355gsm (Colourfix Equivalant)




A Minium of $35 of a selection of paper must be ordered to be at at our $9.90 capped freight.


Most paper will be flat packed in a custom made box. Papers over 800mm may have to be rolled.



Mi Teintes Tex is a textured pastel card covered with a fine grit for laying down intense dry media colour. The very fine grit surface grips a deep layer of loose soft, dry colour and will hold it in place without the need for fixing. 20 colours are available in two sizes of board and a matching gesso primer. The 355gsm acid free card is unique. It has two different surfaces, one side has a coloured grit texture and the other is a white, moderately grained surface for regular drawing or painting. Ideal for dry pastel, chalk, charcoal or pencil, it may also be painted with acrylic colour and ink.

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