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Ampersand Claybord

Product Highlights:

Museum Series Claybord™
• Ultra-smooth absorbent clay ground
• Accepts more mediums than any other surface
• One of a kind workability with paints and artist tools

Many Fine Art Uses:
• Excellent for use with India, pigmented and alcohol inks
• Also use with egg tempera, acrylics, collage, pencil, pens, airbrush, photo-transfers, casein, watercolor, gouache and mixed media
• Bonds well with adhesives to mount paper and fabrics


Museum Series Claybord™ is made using 1/8" true artist hardboard and features Ampersand’s simply amazing kaolin clay ground formula similar in paintability to the clay gesso grounds used during the Renaissance. The surface is sanded to an ULTRA-smooth, highly absorbent finish so your paint colors remain true and brilliant. Work the surface by thinly applying paint or ink, then remove it, reapply it, even scratch through it to add contrast, texture and fine details. Claybord is a favorite of both fine and graphic artists. Only Ampersand builds their cradles by hand with premium grade 13-ply birch plywood for maximum stability and a clean, finished look from edge to edge. Choose from 3/4", 1.5" and 2" Deep, all made in the USA.

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Ampersand Claybord 1/8" - 5 x 7"
$4.25 inc GST
Ampersand Claybord 1/8" - 18 x 24"
$33.95 inc GST
Ampersand Claybord 1.5" - 8 x 8"
$26.90 inc GST
Ampersand Claybord 1.5" - 11 x 14"
$41.80 inc GST
Ampersand Claybord 1.5" - 12 x 16"
$47.60 inc GST

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