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Art Spectrum Original & Smooth Colourfix Primer


Art Spectrum Pastel Primer is a fine tooth, quick drying acrylic primer which bonds aggressively to practically any clean surface - all types of papers (300gsm or heavier recommended) canvas, card, ply, plastic, glass, timber, ceramic and metal. All colours are lightfast, permanent and non-toxic. Pastel Primer can be applied with brushes, sponges, rollers etc, straight from the pot. 16 colours are available plus Clear Pastel Primer.

All colours can be intermixed to create new shades. White or clear can be tinted with Liquid Spectrum Inks, Art Spectrum Gouache or even acrylics for new colour combinations.
The Clear Pastel Primer allows the natural surface or underlying colours to remain visible while providing extra tooth for more colour overlays. Use Clear and other Pastel Primer colours for mixed media techniques and experimental art and craft works.

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