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Atelier Free Flow

A professional quality acrylic with unique characteristics and maximum pigment load.

Utilising the latest advances in pigment and polymer technology. Atelier Free Flow is the most fluid and vivid acrylic on the market. Use it as a stand alone paint or incorporate Atelier Interactive into your painting for more contrast and texture.
Regardless of your application or technique, you’ll find it glides from the brush with very little dilution required to reach your preferred consistency. For an artist, this ensures brilliant pigment strength is retained, painting light over dark colours is far easier, and the integrity of the paint itself remains strong and durable.

  • Maximum pigment load and excellent lightfastness
  • Amazing fluid consistency, that just keeps flowing!
  • Velvet matte finish with rich and vibrant colour
  • A versatile substitute for ink, watercolour or gouache
  • Use for flat, even paint application & fine details
  • Ideal for mixed media, Aboriginal and Chinese art
  • Compatible with Atelier Mediums
  • Can be used on canvas, paper and board
  • 36 colours available in 60ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles

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