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Canvas Board, Panels & Rolls

The range of Stretched Canvas' has been reduced due to poor quality and manufacturing from both China and Mexico. They are also primed with the cheapest quality gesso which in turn actually absorbs more of your paint.

Please feel free to get a quote on a custom made canvas in either lightwight or Heavy Duty, primed or unprimed, Cotton or Linen.

Prices are more expensive but quality is at a professional level. We feel there is nothing worst than spending money on paints and your time, only to have a canvas warp or bow on your in the future.

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Art Spectrum Canvas Rolls
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CreateArt Stretched Canvas
Fredrix Canvas Range
NAM Natural Linen Canvas Panels
NAM Natural Stretched Linen Canvas
Stretcher Bars
X Press It Gallery Stretched Canvas
Wright & Co. Poly Cotton Canvas

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