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Chromacryl Student Acrylic Paint


All the qualities that Chromacryl is renowned for, like superb paint coverage, high percentage of pigment, good water solubility and great versatility are further enhanced by a new thicker paint consistency.

Since 1964 Chromacryl students' acrylic set the standard for high quality school paint. That standard has now been raised even further with the introduction of an even thicker paint formula and redesigned packaging.

Chromacryl's range of 30 vibrant colours, combined with the Chroma Commonsense Colour System based on warm and cool primary colours, allows your students to mix virtually any colour.

So the new Chromacryl is the envy of every department in your school...even maths!

As well as producing superior paints and mediums, Chroma continues its commitment to quality art education by ongoing sponsorship of school and university art departments and the development of art teacher's web resources to further enhance excellence in teacher and student education. The web resources contain up to date information about issues in art education as well as a wide variety of lesson plans and programs, classroom management hints, and online student art exhibitions.

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