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Derivan Challange

Derivan Challenge


"Derivan Challenge meets all government and regulatory requirements for toxicity levels. An excellent vehicle to introduce young children to the world of art and painting: safe to use, and easy to clean up after use."

Derivan Challenge is a general all-purpose water-based paint.



challenge 2L eco


Pure colours are easily intermixable to achieve bright secondary colours. Challenge has all the versatility of an acrylic paint at a very economical price. It is highly suitable for general use in art education where a low-priced, trouble-free paint is desired.

Derivan Challenge is available in easy to use 500 ml bottles and a convenient 2 litre recyclable Eco-Pak soft pouch.

Derivan Challenge can be made waterproof by the addition of Derivan Polymer Gloss Varnish (water-based).

Derivan Challenge will not crack or peel and may be intermixed to produce bright secondary and tertiary colours.


This product conforms to Australian Standard AS 8124.7-2003, Safety of toys Part 7 – Finger paints, (as required by Trade Practices Act 1974 - Consumer Protection Notice No. 1 of 2009 - Consumer Product Safety Standard: Lead and Certain Elements in Children's Toys) and EN71 part 1 and 3.

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