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Artist Grade Oil Colors

Artist Grade Oil Colors
Photo Credit: Carlie Armstrong of Workspace PDX

I have always wanted to give artists color at its maximum with a luscious texture. A texture that readily responds to an artist's intention and handles beautifully. A color reaches its maximum when the pigment has been developed to the highest emotional resonance for that color. There is so much more to our work than fine raw materials and high pigment loads. At Gamblin, we are forging together the right balance of pigment, oil, history, science and emotion. All twenty of us are dedicated to getting that balance right. Every color. Every batch. Every time.

We also believe in giving artists more and asking for less. Artists deserve to be able to use color freely, without hesitation or reservation. And to get in the flow of their painting, unencumbered by expectations or doubt. This is the other half of our work, helping artists select and master the materials best suited to their artistic intentions. We are the first colorhouse to build and organize our palette entirely around the needs of today's painters.


Gamblin Artist Oil Colour - Black's, Grey's, & Whites
Gamblin Artists Oil Colours - Radiant
Gamblin Artist Oil Colours - Mineral
Gamblin Artist Oil Colours - Modern
Gamblin Artist Oil Colours - Metallics

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