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Magnani Acquerello Double Sized Pads

Magnani Acquerello Italia watercolour paper is a 100% cotton, wet media technique paper of superior quality, consistency and versatility. This natural white paper is manufactured on a cylinder mould machine using exclusive Magnani suface marking felts .

The acid and chlorine-free composition of the 100% cotton paper gives this paper resistance against yellowing from UV rays thus guaranteeing maximum yield of the applied colours with maximum durability over the years.

This paper is both internally and externally sized making it suitable for all wet techniques including gouache, ink, watercolour and acrylic painting in 20 sheet pad format in 300 gsm.

In addition to the traditional internal and external sizing, the double-sized versions have been extra sized externally manually through a gelatine bath. This gives the papers a performance equal to that of the benchmarked watercolour papers such as Arches.

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