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Pastel Shapers

The Pastel Tool That's So Simple, It's Brilliant!

  • Create any shape or point with any pastel!
  • Portable for use in or out of the studio!
  • The ideal tool for making matching paint media!
  • Shape and point your soft and semi-soft pastels for more control!
  • Collect pastel powder for painting large areas easier than ever before!

Imagined by a pastel artist and engineered based on her research, this new product allows you to shape your pastels to a variety of shapes or points, giving you better control. As luck would have it, the Pastel Shaper’s unique jar allows you to collect the pastel powder created by shaping your pastels; use it for painting backgrounds with pastel brushes or with the tip of your finger. Simply rotate pastel against wire mesh to create the shape and point you want. It’s simple, quick and convenient. 

To use your Pastel Shaper, just unscrew the cap, take out the top lid and screw the top on again. Then, shape your pastel as needed. The pastel powder can be stored until needed! Just replace the lid and screw on top for storage. 

Pastel Shaper Complete Set - Includes Pastel Shaper, Screen, Jar and Wire Brush.

Additional special Pastel Shaper jars available in packs of 6.


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