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Schmincke Norma Oils

Norma® Professional is environmental-friendly formulated and produced -"Made in Germany"

The balanced selection of colours which makes up the Norma® Professional range of fine, pure oil colours for artists consists of 84 brilliant modern and traditional colours, including 27 high quality transparent and unique specialcolours. Here in addition to new highly light-fast chromium yellow colours which achieve a high degree of coverage, there are also special colours amongst others these include poppy red, cobalt turquoise, agate brown, Schweinfurt green hue, neutral black, gold, silver and bronze. All 84 shades display the maximum degree of light fastness (4-5 stars).

The environmentally-aware formulation includes the use of many naturallyrenewable raw materials. Combinations of pure high quality plant oilsproduce good adhesion, optimum absorption of the pigment and less tendency to yellow. The best of both traditional and modern pigments are used in the highest possible concentrations; this guarantees the maximum efficiency and an extraordinary degree of luminosity  and brilliance with all colours.

Patient manufacture using grinding with a traditional three-cylinder mill is followed by a 3 month maturation period before packaging. This guarantees the optimum development of the raw materials within the pure oil colours. All colours display a balanced creamy buttery consistency and as a result demonstrate the best properties when mixing paints together and produce the optimun texture. In addition optimization of the formulation makes sure that the drying process is shortened and proceeds evenly for all colours - a  guarantee of a brilliant resistant surface.

Norma® Professional can be combined with MUSSINI® finest artists' resin-oil colours and other oil colours.

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