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Squirrel & Squirrel Mix Brushes

SQUIRREL HAIR A soft and generally dark coloured hair particularity suitable for watercolour as it carries a lot of water.

Does not offer the spring of a sable but is not as expensive. A delight to use in watercolour painting. Best examples of squirrel are the wire bound mops such as the NEEF 117 (Red handle Alvaro Castagnet mop brush) amongst many others.

4400 Needle Point Squirrle & Taklon Rigger Short Handle
4600 Oval Pointed Squirrel Taklon Wash Short Handle
4750LP Squirrel Taklon Mix Pointed Round SHort Handle
4820 Squirrel & Taklon Flat Short Handle
4880L Squirrel & Taklon - Wide Flat - Long Flat Handle
117 ALVARO CASTAGNET Wire Bound Squirrel Mop Brush
4850 David Taylor Dagger Squirrel Mix

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