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Staedtler Mars Micro Mechnical 775 Pencils & Leads

Mechanical pencil for writing and drawing, ISO colour coding. Non-slip rubber grip zone. Metal clip, push-button and tip. Pocket-safe thanks to retractable metal lead sleeve, 4 line widths. Cylindrical lead sleeve, ideal for use with rulers and templates. Cushioned lead for high level of break resistance, easy?to refill with 12-a-go Mars® micro carbon?mechanical pencil leads.

Mechanical pencil lead for use on paper and drawing card. Smooth gliding lead. Break resistant with jet black lines. Suitable for use with all mechanical pencils. ISO colour coded which means that the identical colour coding of mechanical pencils, mechanical pencil leads and technical pens facilitates recognition of the different line widths. For refilling leads, simply insert the neck of the lead tube into the end of the mechanical pencil - all twelve leads can be filled into graphite 760, Mars® micro 775 or graphite 779 in one go. So no touching of lead, no dropping of lead and no breaking of lead.

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