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Taklon Brushes

TAKLON until recently (say the last 20 years) all brushes were made from animal hair.

That is until the advent of synthetically made hair. The original examples were not so good but the later versions starting with the NEEF Robert Wade series of brushes are really quite amazing in their performance and reasonably priced. They offer a great point, great spring and precise control. A delight to use and suitable for all media particularly when brush marks are not required in the paint film. They do not carry as much colour as sable/squirrel but are a fraction of the price and offer great value.

Neef Masters Point 2018
970 Robert Wade Taklon Round Short Handle
990 Robert Wade Taklon Rigger Short Handle
992 Taklon Mini Liner Short Handle
980 Robert Wade Taklon Long Flat Short Handle
981 Robert Wade Taklon Long Flat Short Handle
987 Taklon Short Flat Short Handle
988 Taklon Long Filbert Short Handle
998 Cats Tongue Filbert Taklon Short Handle
975 Taklon Flat Rake Comb Short Handle
989 Taklon Filbert Rake Comb Short Handle
995 Taklon Angle Shader Short Handle
294 Taklon Dagger - Short Handle
962 Taklon Fan Short Handle
960 Bright Taklon Long Handle
960 Round Taklon Long Handle
961 Taklon Fan Long Handle
552 Supreme Taklon Rigger

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