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Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colours are milled to the most exacting specifications, with the finest pigments & vehicles available, for artists desiring the world's finest colours.

Each colour is individually formulated to enhance eaxch pigment's natural characteristics. The highest level of pigmentation, in combination with the broadest handling properties, is used in Artists' Oil Colours.

The Winsor & Newton Story (1832-2007)

Founded in 1832 the company was started by William Winsor & Henry Newton who built their business on the marriage of art and science, determined to respond to the needs of artists and offer them the widest choice of colours with the greatest permanence.

From the very beginning, Winsor & Newton brought scientific rigour and a new spirit of enquiry to the craft of the artists’ colourman. Within a few short years, they set new standards for colour permanence and clarity. They introduced new colours and new opportunities for artists, establishing a proud tradition marked by constant improvement and continuous response to ever-changing needs.


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